Off to the US

Jane and Peter have just returned from a whirlwind visit to the US (Atlanta, New York, San Francisco and Denver in 5 days!) to establish Thompson Estate in the US. Developing this challenging market is a joint effort between Wine Australia and Thompson Estate.

Our guide to the complexities of US market was Wine Australia’s Damon Musha. As it was a quick visit, we had to eat on the run. One of our more memorable lunches was at a pizzeria in Redwood City near San Francisco. We promised the owner of the restaurant to tell everyone he made great pizza, but sadly as a Mexican in Donald Trump’s US, he was quite definite he was not going to be photographed! Who will run all the pizza shops when all the Mexicans have gone?

Jane Thompson & Damon Musha from Wine Australia

Jane with Damon (pictured left) is without the proprietor of a very nice pizza place in San Francisco, and below right is Damon doing a Damon doing a sterling job of promoting Australian wine in Atlanta. sterling job of promoting Australian wine in Atlanta.




Aaron Ridgway, Peter Thompson & James Zichterman,In line with the increased activity for Australiana wine in the US, few weeks before, Wine Australia’s US head, Aaron Ridgway visited us in Margaret River, pictured here with Peter and James Zichterman, Buyer for Cost Plus Supermarkets in California at a function to welcome Aaron and a groups of US journalists.



Super BowlDespite the shock of our US friends trying to adjust to the concept of Donald Trump as president, and even despite the cringeworthy Yellowtail Superbowl ad, (click on the picture to view) the good news is that the US market is definitely turning in favour of Australian wine. Sales are up, especially at the upper end of the market, and we returned from our visit with firm orders and a very positive view of the US market.