“Thompson Estate’s Summer 2014 Sculptor in Residence Peter Lundberg, has won the $60,000 Macquarie Group Sculpture Prize for his large bronze sculpture “Ring” at the 18th annual Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi.  Read more: Peter Lundberg receives the Macquarie Group Sculpture Prize.

Ring” was displayed at Thompson Estate during Lundberg’s Summer Residency, alongside smaller bronze works. Photo: The Thompson Clan on “Ring” sculpture.

During the Residency, Lundberg created 6 sculptures ranging 6 to 12 metres tall, all of which are currently on display (and for sale) at the vineyard in Margaret River, WA. All works were cast in the earth and then pulled out to stand tall against the sky. This large production of work was part of the two-month residency where Lundberg utilized the winery facilities to also produce a number of large paintings and small models.

For further information or sales enquiries in regard to the Peter Lundberg artworks, please contact Alexandrea Thompson on 0488 091 205 or 9386 1751.

"Ring" Sculpture By The Sea, Bondi Sydney - October 2014

“Ring” Sculpture By The Sea, Bondi Sydney – October 2014